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Next James Bond villain to be 'cold and charismatic' Russian

Leaked call sheet for Danny Boyle script suggests a plot inspired by current affairs, while Māori actor is sought for a support roleThe Trump-Russia saga has given us many things – DNC email hacks, #TreasonSummit, Maria Butina – but it may yet give us something else:...

Twisted sisters: why the film world loves nuns

From The Devils to Doubt, film-makers’ passion for holy havoc continues, as two very different movies called The Nun are released this summerSome habits prove hard to kick. There are two films named The Nun out this summer: a gorgeous restoration of Jacques Rivette’s...

Lois Weber’s Vital Films of the Early Silent Era

Richard Brody writes on the films of Lois Weber, an actress turned director in the silent-film era, a selection of which is screening at BAM Cinématek on July 20th and 21st, as part of the “Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers” series.

Video Tutorial: Understanding the Basics of Lightroom

In this photography video tutorial, we walk you through the fundamental steps of editing your photos using Adobe Lightroom. Let’s say you finally captured the ideal photo. You’ve checked off all the boxes: exposure, focus, composition. Now you upload the photo to your...

Justify vs Align: Getting Started with Type Layout in InDesign

Justify or Align? In this guide we’ll cover common alignment options in typography and how to use them for the best results. Alignments in typesetting are dependent on two main things: layout and readability. For readable copy, let’s say multiple paragraphs, there a...

Top 10 Tips on How to Use IGTV as a Photographer

Instagram is launching a new way for creators to share long-form video content. Here’s how freelance photographers can make the most of their new IGTV channels. Photographers, get ready. Instagram is here with its latest platform update, IGTV. With a constant stream...


Listen to Yourself - Self Talk Weekend Seminar

Events > 2018 > May > Listen to Yourself - Self Talk Weekend Seminar

About this event:

Created by Chris

Learn to Listen to yourself! Learn how your self-talk affects the way you think about yourself and the world outside your head. Proceeds from this Seminar will support the Tiny House Building Project here at TVCTV. We plan to build a tiny house to get one more Veteran off the streets of Boise.


A lot of work went into our new studio camera system! As summer comes to an end, we wanted to say thank you to our many volunteers including our AmeriCorps VISTA Member who worked to make this possible! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Treasure Valley Community Televison (TVCTV)

Our favorite TV personality has breaking news... seriously, you gotta read this...!

Corbin did a show years ago here at TVcTV and this place hasn’t been the same since he moved over to NBC...!YOU GUYS: Herman has OFFICIALLY grown 1/4 of an inch since last year!!!

They grow up so fast 😂. (By the way, this picture was taken right before he peed on me.)
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The building of the new Murpyh Brown set.

Murphy Brown
There's no time like the present for Murphy Brown to return!
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Okay TVCTV community... we need some help.

Are you proficient in Adobe Premier? We keep getting an error and we cannot figure out why?!

Send us a message if you know what your doing on Premier and you’re available to take a look for us.
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