Leaked call sheet for Danny Boyle script suggests a plot inspired by current affairs, while Māori actor is sought for a support role

The Trump-Russia saga has given us many things – DNC email hacks, #TreasonSummit, Maria Butina – but it may yet give us something else: a Russian Bond villain. Though film production is a a slow-moving affair, it looks as if life may well imitate art when the next 007 film – currently known only as Bond 25 – is released, with a “charismatic, cold and vindictive” Russian seemingly set to be 007’s principal antagonist.

According to a casting call sheet obtained by well-established unofficial Bond fan site mi6-hq.com, producers are looking to cast a a Russian actor in a male leading role (though producers are “also open to suggestions of actors from the Balkans or similar”). The list of characteristics – “charismatic, powerful, innovative, cosmopolitan, bright, cold and vindictive” – suggests a villain, while fluent English is required, crucial for that “I kill you, Mr Bond” dialogue.

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From the Guardian