About Treasure Valley Community Television (TVCTV)

TVCTV is a local, nonprofit community television station uniquely qualified to produce, air and promote local education and social events to assist various organizations to meet communication and awareness goals.

Our unique selling point (USP) is a locally focused independent TV station that is broadcast over CableOne channel 64 and over the internet at www.tvctelevision.org. UHF, Direct TV and VHF signals as possible.

Television stations are specifically recognized as a focal point for information and entertainment. What makes a TV station important is that it has unique content of interest to an identified audience. With TV you can see and hear yourself or your neighbor on the TV station. There is a magic in “being on TV” that other media can only offer in pictures (print) or voice (radio).

Technology advances have made broadcasting local stories cost effective and expedient. We will focus on education as the way to inform and build an audience. TV offers the ability to broadcast live action with real people. By making it local, we can build an audience – as long as content is interesting, unique, funny and thought-provoking.

Public Access?

For many in the United States, television has become an important source of information about the world. Every day, people take in many other types of programming, all paid for by large companies that can afford network and cable advertising rates. The opportunity for other voices to be heard on television has become very limited. To address this problem, Congress adopted the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, which provided for public access to the airwaves. Most local authorities have used this provision to require cable franchisers to dedicate channels on the cable system to public, educational and governmental programming (PEG access).

TVCTV was established within the agreement between Boise City and CableOne with channels and fees for support. In December 2013, Boise City stopped paying the revenue from the CableOne franchise agreement for the establishment and support of the community Television station.

These fees helped defray the costs associated with running a community television station. Since January 1st 2014, TVCTV has received no government funds, and has continued to operate only with donations from the public, producer fees paid by content providers, underwriting support from local businesses, and the support of volunteers.

To generate funds, TVCTV has volunteers and independent contractors contact local businesses about underwriting support. As an appreciation for this support, TVCTV airs enhanced underwriting spots which highlight these businesses. The contractors that arrange this support receive a commission and the producer that produces the programs and the enhanced underwriting spots receive compensation.

Treasure Valley Community Television Mission Statement

TVCTV’s mission is to facilitate an exchange of ideas, community dialogue, cultural, artistic, religious and political expression for the residents of the Treasure Valley. TVCTV offers a low-cost venue for individuals and organizations to produce shows and expose their work to the public by airing the content on television and other mass media. TVCTV focuses on what makes Boise and the surrounding area a great place to live and work.

What can TVCTV Do?

The programs produced for TVCTV provide a forum to highlight local issues; inform residents about services available in the community; allow limited-run productions (plays or other events) a life on video; expand the audience for a local band, poet or craftsperson; allow people who can’t attend an event the opportunity to see it; give people a fresh perspective on aspects of our community; follow a subject or issue on a regular basis; present a documentary view of a neighbor, friend or organization in town that’s doing something interesting; teach skills ranging from gardening to origami; change people’s stereotypes; change your life. There’s a whole new generation of programming to come on the new TVCTV. And it’s up to us to make it.

Treasure Valley Community Television, Inc. is governed by its executive officers a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary. The corporate officers select an Executive Director who is responsible to recruit and coordinate the board of directors with each director being responsible for a chaired operating committee. The committees are: Education, IT/Engineering, Marketing/Promotion, Facilities/Equipment, Programming/Production, Community Outreach/Government Relations, Fund Raising and the Executive Committee.