An important local resource to highlight and focus attention on local organizations and community education accomplishments. Quality video production combined with the ability to air the program on the station opens a world of opportunity for making the community aware of individuals, events and organizations.

Our studio is 24 ft. x 25 ft. with movable and adjustable overhead lights, a green screen and fully wired for video and film production.

Studio rental must be scheduled in advance. We offer 24-hour rental schedules. Studio rental includes use of agreed upon station equipment for recording in the studio.


$250/4 hrs.


$200/4 hrs.

Low cost production for non-profit, arts and business organizations

Internet search engines consider locally produced video an important criteria for search engine results. Local organizations and small businesses can optimize their presence for important searches with video production. The primary barrier to video production is cost and availability. Our production facilities are available for a nominal cost to make this important resource available.

Contact: Jess Smith to discuss your need:

Example: A local hospice organization that utilizes volunteers for their in-house care are burdened with utilizing important management resources to train volunteers over and over again. A low-cost video production would accomplish this task and the materials can be used on their web site.