Do you remember TVCTV? Well, it’s still alive and it needs you.

Be a Community Television Volunteer!

Community television is a form of mass media in which a television station is owned, operated or programmed by a community group to provide television programs of local interest known as local programming. Community television stations are most commonly operated by non-profit groups or cooperatives.

This station is about unique viewpoints and show ideas. We act as the gathering place for the next step in media evolution. Local TV that is broadcast and available on all web platforms is our future at TVCTV.

People in the Treasurer Valley are interested in seeing stories about themselves. The technology allows us to present our own programming, the internet makes it possible and inexpensive to distribute content to anyone with a computer, phone or tablet. By focusing on local content news and interesting topics, the story of our lives will emerge. There is so much going on in Boise and we want to cover it, but we need your help.

The original Underwriting Budget came from the CableOne franchise agreement to support a Community Television Station in Boise. The City of Boise shut off those funds in January, 2014. The station has survived but we need you to reach our full potential.

TVCTV needs your energy and talents!

Put your skills and passion to use as a volunteer, and join the amazing people and organizations that are helping to build the Treasurer Valley’s only independent, community programmed, noncommercial television station. We are radically inclusive! This will be YOUR television station! TVCTV wants to insure broad participation from all members of the community to generate ideas, develop consensus, and provide assistance in fulfilling our mission.

TVCTV is a 501-3c non-profit corporation so all monies have an accelerated deduction.
If you have questions about volunteering contact: Tim Flaherty – tflaherty@tvctelevision.org

Days Available

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